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K6JWN Repeater Links

DMR Links

  • Nortern California BrandMeister - BrandMeister Repeaters in Northern California
  • IRLP Links

  • irlp.net - IRLP Homepage
  • status.irlp.net - IRLP Network Status
  • W0ANM IRLP Node 3106 - Node 3106 Information as well as a few scripts created by the node owner.
  • AG0N's IRLP Notes Page - Excellent resource for node owners.
  • k6ib.com - Home of IRLPvCon and IRLPvMon, and other useful addons!
  • IRLP-Repeater Project - Addon scripts to turn the IRLP v3 board into a fully functional repeater controller!
  • IRLP Cables - Premade interface cables for several radios available here. Quick shipping and they work very well!
  • Echolink Links

  • echolink.org - Echolink Homepage
  • echoaddons.com - A collection of addons for the windows based Echolink program.
  • Asterisk Links

  • allstarlink.org - AllStarLink Homepage
  • Local Radio Clubs / Repeaters

  • n6icw.org - N6ICW 147.195 Repeater
  • North Hills Radio Club
  • General Amateur Radio Links

  • arrl.net - ARRL Homepage
  • Repeater Building

  • Repeater Builder - Excellent resource for anything (and everything) having to do with repeaters!
  • Arcom Controllers - Home of the RC-210 and RC-810 multi port repeater controllers.
  • Link Communications, Inc - Home of the RLC Controllers
  • Did we miss something? Would you kike to see a link here? Send me an email at nessenj@jimsoffice.org.